Fanciest Swimming Pools from Around The Globe

If you’re to pick up a place where you should spend an entire summer, then wouldn’t you choose somewhere with the fanciest swimming pool. Nothing beats enjoying the sunny rays beside a swimming pool while drinking something refreshing, right?

Infinity Pool by Nicky Dobree

Located on a strategic spot on a hillside, this pool lingers in our minds. The blend of a pristine yard, green hills, and a terracotta-tiled stone outbuilding is the perfect spot for soothing moments while admiring the tranquil weather of the late afternoon.

Los Angeles Pool by Richard Landry

Build on a Los Angeles chateau, you can enjoy the scenery of the valley below while relaxing in this pool. During the day, the pool reminds you of a gentle water surface. And, during the night, it mirrors the reflection of the majestic chateau.

Minimalist Pool by Eric Kuster

This pool really applies the old saying “less is more”. With the simple and traditional rectangular shape, this pool knows that it doesn’t need too much topping because all it has to do is to complement the magnificent scenery that surrounds it.

Kris Jenner’s Pool by Jeff Andrews

If there’s a most filmed swimming pool award, this pool would surely win that award. It is inspired by the classic Greek swimming pool and is seated near a lofty cabana.

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