Most Extravagant Cruise Ships Around The World

If we talk about vacations, chances are we will think about beaches and mountains. But, what if we pick up something different this time? Why don’t you try cruise ships? No, let’s not talk about the ordinary cruise ships here. Now, we will show you the world’s most extravagant cruise ships.
Crystal Serenity
Manufactured in 2003, this premium cruise ship not only stops at marvelous tourism spots but also has dreamy decoration for its interior. With six-star service levels, this ship promises an unmatched cruising experience for its passengers. Even for top-level passengers, this ship provides Georgian-styled penthouse …

Fanciest Swimming Pools from Around The Globe

If you’re to pick up a place where you should spend an entire summer, then wouldn’t you choose somewhere with the fanciest swimming pool. Nothing beats enjoying the sunny rays beside a swimming pool while drinking something refreshing, right?
Infinity Pool by Nicky Dobree
Located on a strategic spot on a hillside, this pool lingers in our minds. The blend of a pristine yard, green hills, and a terracotta-tiled stone outbuilding is the perfect spot for soothing moments while admiring the tranquil weather of the late afternoon.
Los Angeles Pool by Richard Landry
Build on a Los Angeles chateau, you can …

World’s Most Luxurious Hotel Rooms

Staying in a hotel is not only about having a place to rest and sleep during your vacation. Having extra facilities and comfort should be a consideration too. Here, you will see the world’s most luxurious hotel rooms.
The Mukara at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, The Maldives
Located in a hidden part of the lagoon, The Mukara is more than just an ordinary hotel room. It is a two-level residence with some parts submerged underwater. Here, you can realize your dream to sleep under the blue ocean water and surrounded by sea creatures.
Princess Grace’s Suite at Hotel de Paris, Monaco
This room is a tribute …