Four Lovely Statement Mirrors for Your Walls

Mirrors should not just be a tool to help you see your reflection. With so many adorable statement mirrors you can find out there, it should also be a tool to manifest your taste in interior design.
Matthew Bronze Mirror by William Yeoward
One of the things that we admire most from this William Yeoward piece is its contemporary experiment on the teardrop shape. It’s slightly larger than you might assume in the first place, making it perfect as a living room showpiece.
Zetta Mirror by John Richard
We will never throw away this mirror from our top list whenever we talk about introducing a sense of …

Understanding Figured Woods

In the world of furniture and decor, wood has always been a staple material.  For its relative strength, relation to natural and intrinsic beauty, fine wood furniture has always been coveted by furniture manufacturers and designers.
Figured wood refers to the aesthetic side of a wood, primarily in relation to the patterns it shows. Some people may argue that all woods are figured woods because they all have patterns on them. But, what is exactly meant by figured wood is wood that gives us a certain three-dimensional effect. Not all woods have this particular effect. Therefore, not all woods can be called figured woods.
The …

The Rise of Boucle Interior Trend

As we have long known, the wheel of the trends will always rotate. Likewise, this also happens with the Boucle interior trend. The soft fabric material was made famous by Coco Chanel who introduced wool in many of her works since 1954.
Boucle is characterized by its looped pattern. Therefore, it is named Boucle. Boucle comes from a French word meaning “curled”. The pattern is a result of the plying process.
Boucle resembles warmth and elegance. It works great on sofas and armchairs. It also can be a great material for your bedroom interior. With its neutral and down-to-earth color choices, Boucle surely will bring a …