Interior design

We offer luxury interior design services for your residential and commercial property. Our professional interior design team can provide you with services ranging from full interior design service, home styling, to a renovation project.  Our years of experience have been proven with our high quality and detailed work results.

Showhome staging

Showhome staging is crucial in capturing the hearts of your potential buyers. That is why you need our show home staging service. We will decorate your show home so that it can show its maximum potency. Don’t worry about tight deadlines and detailed specifications, our team is filled with the most experienced specialists in the business.

Furniture design

Designing exclusive furniture is not an ordinary job. We know many of you out there want a one-of-a-kind furniture piece for your home. This is why we have a specialized furniture design team. Our team can provide you with custom furniture, whether it is a custom built-in cabinet or a custom lounge for your living room, we can make them special just for you.

Product sourcing

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and tired from trying to find the right furniture for your project? Don’t worry! We know what you exactly need! We have a specialized team and a broad connection in the furniture business to solve your product sourcing needs.

Project management

From managing a small house renovation project to managing a five-star hotel interior design project, our team is eager to help you anytime! No more fear of missing project deadlines or messing up during the item storing process.

Concept design and visualization

Concept design and visualization will really help you in getting the imagery of your project’s final result. This way you can see what to change and what to not change even before starting your project in the real life. Our team will translate all the details of your idea into a refined visual representation.