Five Beautiful Trays for Your House

Decorative trays are not only used to organize your belongings so that they are not scattered around. They’re also delightful to look at. Here, you will find five beautiful decorative trays for your house.
Black Feather Tray by Michael Aram
This tray is very iconic. Just like what the name implies, the feather-shaped black tray has a nice slender proportion and will add a classy ambiance to your room.
Onda Tray by Pinetti
”Elegantly simple” is the main theme of this decorative tray. This white square tray is equipped with golden curvy handles on its two sides.
Panama Tray by Reflections …

High-Class Interior Brands From Portugal

When it comes to high-class interior brands, craftsmanship and originality are a must. Thus, we will show you three of Portugal’s high-class interior brands that provide high-quality products and are worth looking at.
The main theme of Brabbu’s works is “fierce”. When you look at their products, you will see the dynamism presented through the forms and patterns that they use.
By using irregular patterns and unique color combinations, it feels like they want to shout “Don’t settle for boring furniture!” right in front of your face.
Whenever you see work from Brabbu, you will see that they …

Elegant Decorative Vases to Suit Your Interior Styles

It’s always nice to have decorative vases in your house. It doesn’t matter what your interior style is, having a matching decorative vase will always be pleasing for the eyes and can be a nice conversation starter.
Long Neck Vase by Alex McCarthy
Alex McCarthy, the Bristol-based ceramic artist, has never failed to bring a terrific piece. Look at this vase! It’s classic, handmade, and rustic at the same time. With its cream color and raw texture that is paired with copper decoration on its mouth, this decorative vase will easily fit in different interior styles and bring that elegant yet down-to-earth ambiance to any …