High-Class Interior Brands From Portugal

When it comes to high-class interior brands, craftsmanship and originality are a must. Thus, we will show you three of Portugal’s high-class interior brands that provide high-quality products and are worth looking at.


The main theme of Brabbu’s works is “fierce”. When you look at their products, you will see the dynamism presented through the forms and patterns that they use.

By using irregular patterns and unique color combinations, it feels like they want to shout “Don’t settle for boring furniture!” right in front of your face.

Whenever you see work from Brabbu, you will see that they dedicate their hard work and imagination to that piece and they will never be satisfied with “normal” furniture.

Ocre House

You may argue that Ocre House is not a Portugal brand, but even though it is designed in its office in London, Ocre House is actually produced here in Portugal, to be exact, in Porto.

When they founded Ocre House in 2018, Kiran Hawkin and Paul Fielden shared the same vision to focus on custom bespoke interior works only. Now, they have succeeded in doing projects for international clients, from renovations to full-service hotel interior projects.

Royal Stranger

Who says classic furniture is only about white, gold, and silver? By combining marble and gold with mint green and navy colors, Royal Stranger wants to break that mindset. The Porto-based brand is trying to catch the hearts of those who love fresh ideas and brave colors.

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