How Richard Brendon Honed The Art of Glassmaking

Started in 2013, Richard Brendon thrives to conserve the craftsmanship in glassmaking and now has become one of Europe’s top-notch glassmakers.

He is famous for his diamond collection. He retorted that he mostly uses traditional wooden castings and, along with some other craft experts, perfects the shapes and patterns of the glassware within the collection.

To make the glassware, Richard firstly melts the crystal using the furnace. Using one particular glass-blowing device, he meticulously blows a small amount of air into the molten glass until it begins to take a partial form of the piece.

The hot glass is then blown to the walls of the molds and then closed so it can duplicate the form. For a normal working day, Richard will use the traditional wooden molds. But, when demand is rising, he will use aluminum molds during his work.

He added that you can not rush the process is glassmaking. You have to let the glass cools down slowly, which can take hours for the bigger pieces.

Once it has finished cooling down, Richard will continue with the finishing process using special tools. This is where a glass artist needs to prove his craftsmanship so he can produce a.polished and magnificent glassware.

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