World’s Most Luxurious Hotel Rooms

Staying in a hotel is not only about having a place to rest and sleep during your vacation. Having extra facilities and comfort should be a consideration too. Here, you will see the world’s most luxurious hotel rooms.

The Mukara at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, The Maldives

Located in a hidden part of the lagoon, The Mukara is more than just an ordinary hotel room. It is a two-level residence with some parts submerged underwater. Here, you can realize your dream to sleep under the blue ocean water and surrounded by sea creatures.

Princess Grace’s Suite at Hotel de Paris, Monaco

This room is a tribute to the legendary princess of Monaco. It is equipped with two beautifully decorated bedrooms and a private pool that has a 180-degree ocean view where you can see the iconic Monte-Carlo Bay.

Royal Suite at The Burj Al Jumeirah, Dubai

Claimed as a seven-star hotel, Burj Al Jumeirah surely will provide you with AAA-class facilities. Here, you can stay in the Royal Suite for £8,000 per night. This two-bedroom suite has a private library, a private theater, and also a private butler who is ready to serve you anytime.

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