Most Extravagant Cruise Ships Around The World

If we talk about vacations, chances are we will think about beaches and mountains. But, what if we pick up something different this time? Why don’t you try cruise ships? No, let’s not talk about the ordinary cruise ships here. Now, we will show you the world’s most extravagant cruise ships.

Crystal Serenity

Manufactured in 2003, this premium cruise ship not only stops at marvelous tourism spots but also has dreamy decoration for its interior. With six-star service levels, this ship promises an unmatched cruising experience for its passengers. Even for top-level passengers, this ship provides Georgian-styled penthouse rooms that have Swarovski chandeliers and marble furniture.

Le Laperouse

This ship is a good choice for you who don’t prefer crowds because it only has 92 staterooms. In Le Laperouse, you will find a modern classic interior with natural and cool color tones.

Seabourn Ovation

In Seabourn Ovation, you will be able to cruise while enjoying more than 1,600 displayed artworks. You can also choose to sleep in one of the 300 beautifully decorated rooms.

Symphony of The Seas

When you are inside the Symphony of The Seas, you will feel a strong glamorous Italian influence on its interior design. The upholstery materials are dazzling, the woods are dark and shimmering, and there are a massive proportion of high gloss finishes.

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